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Throttle valve and shut-off valve type AV

Product description

Throttle and shut-off valves are a type of metering valve. With the aid of these valves a pressure drop can be established between the inlet and outlet side. In this way the velocity of cylinders in accumulator circuits and the flow rate in control circuits can be regulated or a consumer line completely shut-off (e.g. to protect a pressure gauge).

The throttle and shut-off valve type AV produces a throttle effect by means of an annular gap. It is available as a screw-in valve or valve for pipe connection.

Features and benefits:
  • Various configurations
  • Sensitive adjustment and complete shut off possible
Intended applications:
  • General hydraulic systems
Technical data - Type AV - Throttle valve
Size2DesignScrew-in type, PortingMax. system pressure500System pressure500Nom. flow rate (lpm)40Flow rate (lpm)40DocumentDownloads
Size3DesignScrew-in type, PortingMax. system pressure400System pressure400Nom. flow rate (lpm)100Flow rate (lpm)100DocumentDownloads
SizeDesignMax. system pressureSystem pressureNom. flow rate (lpm)Flow rate (lpm)Document2Screw-in type, Porting5005004040Downloads3Screw-in type, Porting400400100100Downloads