Components for electrification

The more efficient the working hydraulics, the longer the operation is possible with the same battery charge. Users are hardly willing to compromise on performance when switching to electrified work machines. With a professional design of the overall concept, this is not necessary. For example, efficient systems can be realized with suitable hydraulic components, and the noise level of work machines can be significantly reduced through speed-controlled drives and low-noise hydraulic pumps.


Battery packs from our own production

The powerful battery packs from HAWE Mattro in Schwaz (Austria) are characterized by their very good ratio of energy content and size. By means of the proven quick-change system the battery packs can be combined to a battery system. Further accessories like charger, DC-DC converter and inverter are selected to match.


Powerful working hydraulics including electronic control system

For the interaction of pumps and directional control valves HAWE recommends electronic load sensing systems combined with flow sharing. These combinations are among the most efficient control solutions in mobile hydraulics. 


Mini hydraulic power packs for decentralized control of work functions

Mini hydraulic power packs control work functions directly at the consumer. They are connected to the energy source with only one electric cable. A decentralized design of the control system makes it easier to implement electrification ideas.


Motor pump unit as link between electrical and hydraulic system

In HAWE's motor-pump units, an electric motor and the hydraulic pump are directly connected via a flange. Different motor types and pump types can be combined. This makes it possible to generate emission-free hydraulic power from an electric drive train