Everything inside + easy installation - PowerBox by HAWE Mattro


In electrification projects of mobile machines HAWE Hydraulik offers different concepts. The PowerBox offers enormous advantages for installation and in operation. In addition to the battery packs, it also contains a new MPU (Motor Pump Unit), the PDU (Power Distribution Unit), a charger and the hydraulics.

The concept can be adapted to the specific requirements of the vehicle manufacturer, right down to the disassembled assembly, which can be integrated directly into the vehicle. Connected and fully charged, the PowerBox is ready for autonomous use and commissioning is accomplished in a very short time.

In addition, the included proven plug-in system for the battery packs significantly simplifies the management of the runtime of the electrically powered vehicle or the working hydraulics. When the battery pack charge is exhausted, it can simply be pulled out and replaced with charged spare batteries. This can be done in minutes, thus avoiding downtime.

The battery packs can be charged flexibly at convenient times in the company's own plant or on site. The solution shown is already being used successfully in loading cranes and can be used in the same way in aerial work platforms or even construction machinery.