Details on the technology - The battery packs as powerful energy storage devices


The battery packs are designed for use in off-high machines or as traction batteries. Compared to the market, they offer a very high energy density, which makes them a problem solver in space-critical electrification projects. Inside, the individual battery cells are interconnected to form a battery module. An intelligent battery management system (BMS) is integrated that protects and monitors the battery and communicates with the higher-level controller or the charger. It can control an integrated heater or communicate status-dependent current recommendations to the vehicle. As is usual in mobile work machines, of course, via CAN bus.

The robust aluminium housing protects the battery against environmental influences, as evidenced by the IP65 protection class. The battery packs are available both as low-voltage batteries (low voltage <60 VDC) and as high-voltage batteries (high voltage >60 VDC).

Condition monitoring already integrated

The integrated battery management system (BMS) permanently monitors the condition of the battery. In this way, it protects the battery from over- or deep discharge, over/under temperature and excessive currents. It performs balancing and optimises the battery's service life. The safety function integrated in the battery replaces the time-consuming installation and testing of external safety components such as high-power relays or pre-charging units. Chargers for the energy storage unit are optionally available.


Project-specific adaptations possible without any problems

Various adjustable parameters of the Battery Management System allow an optimal adaptation of the battery packs to the respective application. These adjustments can be made at the factory by HAWE Mattro in consultation with the customer. These include, for example, settings such as CAN-BUS baud rate or maximum and minimum voltage.


Flexibility in connection and installation

The battery packs type IEP can be connected directly as single batteries with the industrial plug connector. Alternatively, they can be used as exchangeable batteries by means of a proven quick-change system.


Configuration as a battery system

By connecting several battery packs in parallel to form a battery system, the energy content and the desired power can be adapted to your project with little effort.

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