Flexibly adaptable - the HAWE electrification concepts

Together, the electrification experts from HAWE Mattro and the hydraulics experts from HAWE Hydraulik develop various concepts tailored to the respective vehicle types. These range from the construction of fully electrified vehicles to proven solutions in the partial electrification of working hydraulics, the so-called hybrid drive. The earlier HAWE's experts are involved in vehicle development, the better the performance of the hydraulics can be coordinated with the energy supply of the electric drive and optimization potential can be leveraged. 


Full drive electrification

Whether conversion or new development, the electrification experts at HAWE Mattro have already converted many machines to the fully electric and thus emission-free drive. A wide range of ideas can be implemented with the in-house battery packs.


Co-power by the electric motor

For smaller machine types or vehicles with a short range, the working hydraulics are co-powered by the electric motor of the main drive. HAWE supplies an interface to the hydraulics that can be attached to the drive and a hydraulic system trimmed for efficiency. One of those interfaces are the various motor pump units type MPU.


Separate Mini-Powerbox

If the vehicle has to travel longer to the site of operation, but is to be operated there with zero emissions and low noise, the hybrid approach is the obvious choice. In this case, the diesel engine continues to drive the vehicle. However, the working hydraulics are driven and supplied by two separate Mini-PowerBoxes. These can be integrated into the vehicle frame to save space.


Integrated PowerBox

The integrated PowerBox is quickly and easily mounted on the vehicle carrier and contains all components for the electrification of the working hydraulics. The ready-to-connect delivery makes installation and commissioning quick and easy, even without specialist knowledge.