Battery packs and battery systems for zero-emission propulsion


The battery packs from HAWE Mattro are true energy packs for electrically powered off-highway machines or for driving the working hydraulics. Thanks to their extremely high energy density, they offer the best values in terms of runtime and therefore range. And they don't just store energy, they offer much more thanks to their intelligent battery management system (BMS). The battery packs consist of lithium-ion cells and have been built by HAWE Mattro in Austria for over a decade and have proven themselves in various projects and applications. They are designed for continuous operation and a long life cycle, but are also ideal for prototype development.

You can find detailed technical data on our details page or in our brochure. To be able to advise you even better, please send us your data.


With over 10 years of experience and expertise in battery production, HAWE Mattro offers high-performance batteries for use in off-highway machines. Thanks to their high energy density, these batteries are particularly suitable for space-saving electrification projects. They are also designed for continuous operation and a long service life, making them an ideal solution for the development of prototypes.


HAWE does not view the battery system in isolation, but as part of a larger whole. Our engineering team will be happy to advise you on the design of the overall system, from the traction drive and energy storage to the hydraulic system of your vehicle superstructure. You receive everything from a single source.

Our experienced colleagues will be happy to assist you with commissioning on site at your premises or in Schwaz, Austria. Get in touch with your sales contact and receive a quote: sales (at)