HAWE Purchasing

"Working together in partnership" and achieving common goals!

This is what we at HAWE offer our partners: 

We at HAWE offer our suppliers and partners a long-term partnership cooperation as well as the opportunity to participate in our growth Purchasing at HAWE with the cooperation of its suppliers follows the Supplier Code of Conduct. In our overview of HAWE purchasing you will get a first impression of what HAWE purchasing is all about.

We are committed to a sustainable supply chain. For this reason, sustainability criteria for suppliers will be defined and implemented by 2024, and a concept for a "sustainable supplier program" will be developed to meet the requirements of the Supply Chain Sourcing Act.

This is what we at HAWE expect from our partners:

The joint achievement of our corporate goals.

  • Compliance with quality
  • Cost transparency
  • Prices in line with the market
  • Digital cooperation
  • Technologically innovative products
  • Global collaboration
  • Openness about cost targets

Our general terms and conditions of purchase as well as further documents can be found in our company downloads.

HAWE purchasing at a glance: