HAWE Categories


The HAWE product groups are subdivided according to the usual designations of the industry. These include non-metallic as well as metallic commodities. Commodities are therefore all movable goods such as business items, capital goods, consumer goods and raw materials.

Raw materials:
From sheets to semi-finished products and tubes to extruded profiles in various materials.

Castings & forgings:
From die castings to gray castings, ductile castings to sand castings and forgings.

Molding & bending parts:
From various containers and their accessories to chipless production, springs and plastic parts

Standard, catalog, miscellaneous:
From various types of bearings, screws, nozzles and pressure gauges to nameplates and other standard parts.

Filters and strainers:
From various types of filters and their accessories to various strainers.

Different seals for the numerous HAWE solutions.

From various drilling, milling, and turning parts to lapping, honing, grinding, and special parts

External hydraulics:
From various pumps, such as gear pumps to external valves and flow dividers

Different magnets in various sizes and strengths

From built-in and standard motors via their accessories to stators and rotors

Accumulators, hoses and other components:
From various accumulators such as bladder and piston accumulators and their accessories to different heating and cooling technology with their accessories to numerous hoses, couplings and cylinders

Electronic assemblies, sensors and components:
From numerous electronic components and assemblies to connectors, cables and pressure switches to level indicators as well as switches and heaters

Heat, Assembly & Surface Treatment:
Various types of surface treatment, from anodizing to different types of hardening to tin plating, as well as assembly and painting and coating.