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Pressure Filter Type PFM

Product description

Pressure filters protect downstream hydraulic components against soiling. They are installed in the high-pressure line typically after the pump.

The pressure filter type PFM contains a filter element through which the fluid flows from the inside to the outside. It can be replaced without drips or soiling using standard tools. The ratio of size to performance is optimal, for this reason the filter has low pressure losses even after absorbing a large amount of soiling.

The pressure filter type PFM is used in machine tools, industrial trucks, lifting platforms and in general in oil hydraulics.

Features and advantages:
  • Energy-efficient thanks to low back pressure
  • Long change intervals due to high dirt-holding nominal volume
  • Filter element replacement is simple and clean
Intended applications:
  • Machine tools
  • Industrial trucks
  • Lifting platforms
  • General oil hydraulics
Technical data - Type PFM - Pressure filter
Size5DesignScrew-in type, Pipe connectionSystem pressure250Flow rate (lpm)40DocumentDownloadsConfiguratorConfigurator
Size8DesignScrew-in type, Pipe connectionSystem pressure250Flow rate (lpm)100DocumentDownloadsConfiguratorConfigurator
SizeDesignSystem pressureFlow rate (lpm)DocumentConfigurator5Screw-in type, Pipe connection25040DownloadsConfigurator8Screw-in type, Pipe connection250100DownloadsConfigurator