Dennis - IT Architect & Chief Information Security Officer

After working in the IT sector for a while, I ventured into self-employment and became an entrepreneur in the IT sector. This eventually brought me to HAWE, where I was looking for support to evaluate a security solution. After this project, HAWE was able to convince me to accept an internal position.

The good atmosphere at HAWE and the colleagues in IT as well as interesting and challenging tasks convinced me. Since then, very interesting national and international projects have accompanied me at HAWE. I was able to gain a lot of experience in the intercultural projects, which is helpful in my current role as IT Architect and CISO (Chief Information Security Officer).

As an IT architect, I maintain an overview of the entire IT product range in order to advise my IT colleagues and specialist departments on new or upcoming technologies. We also develop globally valid IT standards for the HAWE Group. In the expert function as CISO, it is my task to keep IT security at the highest possible level. In order to fulfil this role optimally, I am a member of several expert groups and attend various events where I learn about new technologies and challenges.

I was very excited about the possibility of a specialist career at HAWE. Especially in IT we feel the shortage of skilled workers very clearly, which in turn shows that it is important to identify experts in the company and thus also to keep them in the company. After I took the step and applied as a subject matter expert, I went through the entire process, from the interview to the potential analysis. I was very happy about the positive decision. Now I'm very excited to see who else will join me as a subject matter expert this year and I'm looking forward to the regular exchange with my colleagues!