Management practices are based on principles of transparency, integrity and efficiency. We adhere to applicable compliance policies, legal regulations and standards. Decisions and actions are guided by our Code of integrity and Corporate principles. These and other relevant documents, such as the Declaration of principles on human rights strategy, can be found in the company downloads.

We attach great importance to compliance with ethical standards and fight any kind of corruption, bribery or unfair behavior. Through training and awareness-raising measures, we ensure that our employees understand and actively implement the compliance guidelines. We also ensure that our business partners and suppliers share our values and standards.

Current goals that the employees of the HAWE Group are working on worldwide:


360° Sustainability approach

Sustainability aspects are defined and anchored in all main processes and divisions by 2024.


Sustainability as part of the strategic positioning

By the end of 2023, sustainability will be anchored as an essential component of the strategic positioning.


Transparency through ESG rating

Until 2024, HAWE's sustainability rating is maintained by two leading rating systems and agencies and will be continuously improved.

Selected measures from HAWE:


Export control

In export control, exports are systematically checked, including in the areas of embargo measures, goods control and intended use. Country-specific embargo measures are decided by the United Nations or the EU. Goods control checks whether the goods can be used for both civilian and military purposes (dual-use), and the resulting licensing requirements are observed and implemented. The comparison with the globally valid sanctions lists of the USA and the EU was also extended to the partner data of the HAWE subsidiaries.


Anti-Terrorism Ordinance

As part of the fight against terrorism and to prevent the financing of terrorist activities, HAWE and all subsidiaries of the HAWE Group in Europe conscientiously fulfill their legal obligation to regularly check employee data against the sanctions lists of the European Union. These sanctions lists include individuals who have links to a terrorist organization or are subject to an embargo measure. In addition, the names of applicants are checked against the lists before contracts are concluded.



In order to make it easier for our employees to implement the compliance rules in their everyday work and to underpin them with practical examples, an internal training course was held at the HAWE Academy. This training describes typical situations in which conflicts with rule-compliant behavior can arise in everyday work. Compliance with laws and internal anti-corruption rules is also checked as part of the external audit.


Group-wide reporting

A standardized Group-wide reporting system has been established at HAWE Hydraulik. This report, which is prepared monthly, makes it possible to identify risks in business activities reliably and, above all, in good time. The employees of our subsidiaries worldwide now also regularly use this form of standardized reporting.


Risk Management

Fraud auditing is regularly included in the annual audit. The audit may vary and be adapted to changes in the general conditions. In addition to the audit, the auditors are commissioned to question and certify the adherence to minimum standards in risk management and compliance as well as the security precautions taken at each HAWE subsidiary. Measures are derived and their implementation is regularly reviewed.

Other sustainability topics at HAWE: