At all HAWE sites worldwide, we pursue a holistic approach to environmental protection. The corresponding goals and measures are oriented to the entire value chain. These include the reduction of emissions, the efficient use of resources and the use of renewable energies at the sites.

We comply with applicable environmental regulations and work continuously to improve our environmental performance. We set ourselves ambitious targets, measure our progress and regularly report on our environmental performance indicators. By using state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies, avoiding waste and raising employee awareness, we minimize our environmental footprint and actively contribute to protecting the environment. In this way, we ensure that we live up to our own high standards.

Current goals that the employees of the HAWE Group are working on worldwide:


Climate neutrality in scope 1 and 2

The HAWE Group is climate-neutral in Scope 1 and 2 by 2029 at the latest. Extensive database is to be created for Scope 3 and initial reductions are to be achieved.


Increasing regenerative self-generation of electrictiy

The HAWE Group's own electricity generation from renewable and regional energy sources is to be increased to up to 30% by 2026.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The use of resources is to be continuously reduced and resource efficiency increased. The principle of reduce, reuse, recycle applies in all processes.


Increasing Biodiversity

A biodiversity improvement measure is carried out annually at all major sites (property and larger rental sites). Minimum standards* are taken into account when acquiring and redesigning company premises.


Sustainable management of hazardous substances

By 2025, a hazardous substances management system will have been introduced and established throughout the HAWE Group, which meets the following criteria:

  • No application carcinogenic, reproductive and mutagenic substances
  • Legal compliance in the field of hazardous substances
  • Application of FAD-free and boron-free cooling lubricants

Selected projects in which HAWE is already successfully involved:


Umweltpakt Bayern (Environmental Pact of Bavaria)

Since the beginning of 2019, HAWE is a member of the Environmental Pact of Bavaria and thus commits to a voluntary environmental performance. Thus, HAWE began to develop and implement appropriate systems as early as 2008. Through the other project partners, HAWE gains access to further information and opportunities in corporate environmental protection and impulses and ideas for new projects. Due to the participation in the Environmental Pact of Bavaria and the related environmental commitment of HAWE Hydraulik SE, the district of Munich honored the company with a badge of honor and a certificate in the ballroom of the Landratsamt Munich in the course of the honorary event "Strengthening the environment and the economy together".

More about the Umweltpakt Bayern: https://www.umweltpakt.bayern.de/


Zero Waste

In October 2018, HAWE Hydraulik launched the "Zero Waste" project in the form of regular network meetings, among other things, to collect concrete measures and ideas for avoiding single-use plastics. For all materials used, the goal is to avoid unnecessary waste, establish reusable instead of disposable systems, and use recycled materials in order to achieve a resource-efficient circular economy. Since the start of the project, many measures have been successfully implemented, currently saving over 5 tons of plastic per year. In addition, over 40 tons of paper have been switched to recycled material. A very concrete contribution to environmental protection.

So if you are interested in exchanging ideas, we look forward to receiving your e-mail at zero-waste (at) hawe.de.


Management of green areas

HAWE manages the green areas around the Kaufbeuren plant with the help of sheep. HAWE is thus able to manage the green areas more ecologically and with less effort with the support of the sheep. In the process, the green areas, which are difficult to work on, could be worked on more efficiently, costs could be saved and the amount of machinery required could be reduced. 

In addition, there are new, hard-working employees. Bees ensure sufficient pollination of the plant's surrounding areas and green spaces. Employees and trainees take responsibility for the bees and sheep. For example, trainees built the barn for the sheep themselves using hydraulic components. The actions are intended to sensitize employees to environmental issues and expand HAWE's commitment to biodiversity.


Electric power for travel between our sites

The use of electric vehicles is welcomed and encouraged at HAWE. Charging stations are available at the larger HAWE sites in Aschheim, Barbing, Freising, Kaufbeuren and Sachsenkam. There are now a large number of purely electric vehicles in the HAWE fleet. The electric pool vehicles are regularly used for trips between the sites, as the routes are perfectly suited for this and a stopover at a filling station is no longer necessary. To create additional synergies, employees can also book places for joint trips via the internal booking platform so that the vehicles are even more efficient on the road.


Commitment to power generation from solar energy

Since 2014, HAWE Hydraulik has been a member of the Concentrated Solar Power (DCSP) industry association, which was founded in 2013. Here, HAWE engineers, among others, are committed to advancing the application possibilities of solar technology for the generation of green electricity, green heat and green hydrogen.

In addition, HAWE has been a member of the Asociación Concentración Solar de Potencia (ACSP) in Chile since August 2021. The association also promotes the development of renewable power generation through solar thermal energy in South America.


Sustainable clothing in Occasio store

As part of their training at HAWE, the trainees have the opportunity to set up and run an employee store ("Occasio Shop") themselves. The aim is to offer functional items for work, but also useful things for private life. A special focus was placed on sustainability, i.e. using as little plastic as possible is a top priority. Thus, the garments are made of 100% cotton and the products are mainly made from regional raw materials.


Measures for climate-neutral production

Over 145 energy efficiency measures have been implemented in recent years. Particularly effective examples are the conversion of all production sites in Germany to LED lighting and the installation of various heat recovery systems. Since 2021, the power supply of HAWE's German sites has been 100% renewable. Fittingly, the expansion of the photovoltaic system on the roof of all 4 halls of the 40,000 m2 production facility in Kaufbeuren was completed. Through all measures, a total of almost 12,000 tons of CO2 have been avoided in recent years and a reduction of direct and indirect emissions by more than 70% has been achieved.


Other current projects

HAWE is active in many other networks and initiatives. These include, for example, the climate protection network "dekarbN", the support of "Kinderschutz München" and the foundation "Gesellschaft macht Schule".

"Kinderschutz München" supports children, young people, adults and families in difficult circumstances in over 50 facilities in and around Munich. "dekarbN" aims to provide each participating company with a customized decarbonization roadmap that can be implemented in concrete terms at the end of the network period.  "Gesellschaft macht Schule" The "Gesellschaft macht Schule" foundation accompanies eighth and ninth graders while they are still at school in order to promote the students' career readiness for a successful transition to a career. HAWE Hydraulik provides financial and personal support.

Other sustainability topics at HAWE: