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Our aspiration in the development of products and solutions is to realize added value for our customers and their end customers. In terms of sustainability, these are products with a low ecological footprint over the entire life cycle. This includes the use of environmentally friendly or recyclable materials, the reduction of waste in the manufacturing steps and the use of modern production processes.

At the same time, our products are characterized in use by their high quality, performance and durability. In addition, many of our customers and thus target markets are to be found in fields of activity that are actively committed to environmental protection, the reduction of CO2 emissions and the use of renewable resources.

Current goals that the employees of the HAWE Group are working on worldwide:


Building a sustainable supply chain

By 2024, sustainability criteria for suppliers have been defined and implemented, and a concept for a "sustainable supplier program" has been developed.


Sustainability standards for product development

By 2024, minimum standards and recommendations for action for product development will have been developed and established. These standards and recommendations are taken into account in new developments. 


CO2 Footprint for each new product

From 2024, we will determine the product carbon footprint for all new products, show it and thus create the basis for selecting the optimal components and efficient overall systems.
Step by step, emissions are also calculated for the existing products in the portfolio.

Selected products from our sustainable product portfolio:

Selected industries that pay particular attention to sustainability:

Other sustainability topics at HAWE: