Exoskeletons improve the quality of life of people who are dependent on support due to injuries, illnesses or age-related limitations and at the same time help to expand human capabilities in various environments. They are used in particular in medical rehabilitation, in industrial environments for work relief, in the fitness sector, but also in the area of everyday mobility.

In close cooperation with industry and research, HAWE Hydraulik has developed solutions for both active and passive exoskeletons. The elastic properties of the hydraulic system, which can be implemented for a natural movement pattern, are particularly impressive. The high force density of the hydraulics minimizes the moving masses. The pump design offers the possibility to concentrate the energy in active systems on an exoskeleton joint. In passive systems, the stepless as well as resistance-free adjustment to the desired end position are particularly advantageous.

Your requirements and functions

  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Precision and sensitivity in controlling movements
  • Durability and low maintenance
  • Support in case of immobility, restriction of movement, stability, balance and reduction of load on the wearer
  • Safety of the overall system