Hydraulic power unit for brake control - decentral

Hydraulic power units for brake control reliably fulfill their task within the safety concept of wind turbines. Based on customer specifications, they build up and release the necessary brake pressure. And they do so at ambient temperatures as low as -30°C.

Due to their modular design, the units can be implemented as decentralized units for a single function or as a central controller for multiple functions. In addition to the control of the typical brakes in wind turbines, this also includes the control of the rotor blocking cylinders.

Features and benefits:

  • Ready-to-connect compact units
  • Low space requirement and weight
  • Energy-efficient accumulator charging operation with leakage-free poppet valves
  • "Cold climate" variant without additional heating system
  • Robust solutions with a service life of at least 20 years

Areas of application:

  • Azimuth brakes
  • Rotor brakes
  • Maintenance brakes