Visit HAWE, your partner for efficient, reliable, and flexible hydraulics

... at The Utility Expo in Louisville, KY.

Under a bridge, above a roof, or next to a wind power plant - wherever you need to work, hydraulics can get you there. You will find our new hydraulic components for digging machines, utility, and construction equipment in our booth.  You can also ask how our solutions can improve your machine's efficiency while meeting the required safety standards.  Our reliable hydraulic solutions can handle everything from basic functions to complex control tasks. Stop by our booth and meet the HAWE Hydraulik experts, discuss your specific requirements, and find the perfect solution for your application.  You will find us in booth S2941.

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The vehicle electrification from Mattro

Mattro Energy-Packs are more than just exchangeable batteries: They are components of a highly flexible modular system that we can adapt perfectly to vehicles and machines. 

Loader Crane

When a bulky load needs to be unloaded on the 3rd floor of a building or an expensive classic car needs to be recovered, the full concentration of the crane operator is required.

Aerial working platforms

Under a bridge, above a roof or next to a wind turbine – wherever you need to work, hydraulics can get you there. Dealing with great heights accurately and safely not only requires being able to overcome vertigo. You also need to be able to rely on technology.

Drilling Equipment

Whether it’s small blast holes, major tunnels or long conduits, in any drilling or boring operation, the direction and pressure have to be exactly right.