Partner solutions

The ROVO as a robot platform can be flexibly expanded into an application-specific crawler vehicle. Established partners of HAWE Mattro have already developed solutions for various industries and also across industries. Here we present some of them with their ROVO-specific add-ons. If you have not found the right solution yet, please ask us!


Hentschel System

Hentschel System GmbH specializes in unmanned mobile machines as well as robot platforms in unstructured environments and offers hardware and software components from its own development as well as complete solutions such as the robot platform Ziesel, which are based on HAWE's ROVO. Various ROVO upgrade packages with robotics capabilities are offered, e.g. as drive-by-wire upgrade with ROS integration, FollowMe upgrade or gesture control upgrade.  Individual robotics capabilities and hardware customizations are available from quantity 1.

More about Hentschel System.

Universal Robots

Many cobots from other manufacturers require a 230V AC power source and an inverter to operate. However, Universal Robots (UR) products can also be powered directly from a DC power source. This makes them the perfect complement to our ROVO. It can provide 12V, 24V, 48V, and 96V from its high-voltage battery to directly power UR's cobots. Without additional hardware and without additional efficiency losses. This makes the ROVO and UR cobot combination a perfect pair in terms of compatibility and performance.

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Our partner Roboauto is a technology company focused on the development and integration of autonomous technologies such as autonomous driving, remote control (teleoperation), collision avoidance system and object detection into various machines and vehicles like the ROVO. Roboauto works directly with original equipment manufacturers and retrofitters in various industries. 

The remote control system for the ROVO has been tested in practice on the Mars simulation "AMADEE20", among others:



MYBOTSHOP is developing and distributing components and integrated systems for research and service robotic applications. It´s a full-service provider, who is not only integrating components into ROS (Robot Operating System) but also developing complete Algorithms and GUIs on the ROVO customer’s needs. With our prebuild ROVO software stack, the robot can drive autonomously indoor and outdoor, can grasp objects or transport goods.

More about the complete documentation of ROVO in ROS, including visualizations in Webots & Gazebo: MYBOTSHOP/ROVO



Robotic systems are becoming increasingly popular in the mobile machinery market. STW provides support with its modular system and a wide range of services in the field of digitalization, automation and integration. These include the compact ECU for functionally safe motor and actuator control (ESX), a connectivity module for wireless communication and data acquisition (TCG4), an inertial measurement unit for angle and position detection (SMX), and a high-performance control unit for artificial intelligence (HPX).

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Sensors and drives must work together smoothly with the help of control software to create an automated function. RobotMakers' experience in robotics, especially in control software, is applied in construction and agricultural machinery, among others. The LiDAR sensor captures the direct vehicle environment and is responsible for the ROVO's navigation, with the GPS receiver locating all common satellite constellations with centimeter accuracy. The Connectivity Antenna can be connected to various data clouds, combines WIFI and GSM and monitors and configures the ROVO worldwide.

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Info solution

Info Solution creates systems for the autonomous driving of mobile robots such as ROVO. The system consists of a KIT called MOLIRIS in which the main sensor is a multiplane laser lidar. Installing the KIT on a mobile robot allows autonomous navigation through perception of the environment, construction of the map, robot localization on the map and obstacle and potholes avoidance. The robot can autonomously navigate through a sequence of waypoints specified on the map via a user-friendly interface. At each waypoint the robot can execute actions using on-board sensors and actuators.

In this video the the ROVO is equipped with the MOLIRIS KIT:



The integration of InMach's leading technology, including LIDAR and radar sensors, turns the ROVO into an autonomous working machine. Components such as RGB and multispectral cameras, inertial sensors, time-of-flight or thermal imaging cameras are used to enable efficient environment sensing. The interaction between the individual elements is handled by the intelligent control software developed by InMach. The symbiosis of high-tech hardware and software components enables a wide range of applications. For example, the machine can be used for the precise levelling of surfaces on construction sites, for mowing work on steep embankments on freeways or for the precise application of seeds or fertilizers in agriculture.

More about InMach intelligent machines (


Of course, components and hydraulics from HAWE for the hoist or the platform must not be missing. If you have any questions about a project, please contact sales (at)