Field robots

Field robots automate repetitive tasks such as seeding, weeding and harvesting. With continuous operation, accurate task execution and the ability to work around the clock, field robots increase agricultural productivity. Because of their smaller size and lighter weight, field robots cause less soil compaction than common tractors. This protects the soil structure and promotes soil health. Field robots are often equipped with sensors that collect data on soil quality, moisture, plant health and other important parameters. This data can be used to optimize management and improve decision making. Field robots can be combined to form a swarm.

Field robots based on the ROVO electric robot platform operate with zero emissions and are equipped with a powerful removable battery for extended operating time. The tracks allow use on uneven or muddy ground. The appropriate components for telemetry, autonomous driving and the control of additional functions can be designed and obtained via the HAWE Mattro partner network. The optimal hydraulic control system is available from the HAWE Hydraulik modular system.

Your requirements and functions

  • Automation of recurring tasks 
  • Adaptable to different agricultural applications
  • Autonomous operation or teleoperation
  • Monitoring, diagnostics and data management
Hydraulics and system solutions as well as electrification for field robots from HAWE

Downloads for field robots

Flyer: Robot platform ROVO

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