History of HAWE

In the period after the Second World War, two men with different skills and business visions joined forces to embark on a common entrepreneurial path. Karl Heilmeier, an engineer with a keen sense for technical innovation, and Wilhelm Weinlein, an experienced businessman with a feel for market opportunities, founded the company "Heilmeier & Weinlein" in Munich in 1949. Their company started out as a simple workshop concentrating on the manufacture of hydraulic devices. With a workshop and storage area of just 100 square meters and two offices with a total of 30 square meters, they began their entrepreneurial journey. With a spirit of innovation and limited resources, they developed a radial piston pump that laid the foundation for later success.

In 1960, the company name was changed to "Heilmeier & Weinlein Fabrik für Oelhydraulik". Derived from the pronunciation of the two initials of the company's founders, H and W, this was already established in 1950 as an abbreviation for the brand name of the products. This further developed into the HAWE brand, which then consistently led to the introduction of the company name HAWE Hydraulik GmbH & Co. KG. As a sign of further development, when HAWE became a international global player, the company was transformed into a Societas Europaea, HAWE Hydraulik SE, in 2008.

Development of the logo

The beginnings of HAWE (1949 - 1965)

Expansion, innovation and structural development at HAWE (1966 - 1980)

HAWE in transition - internationalization and new product range (1981 - 2000)

The start of the new millennium and continuous growth (2001 - today)

Sustainably into the future