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Mobile controller type ESX

Product description

The mobile controller type ESX is a freely programmable PLC with an integrated proportional amplifier. The programming languages LogiCAD, C++ and CoDeSys are available for application programming purposes, depending on the type.

The valve control type ESX has been certified according to ISO 13849 (PLd) and ISO 61508 (SIL2). It can be used in safety applications.

Features and benefits:
  • Modular system with basic and expansion modules
  • Flexible programming according to IEC 61131
  • Different interfaces (CAN, Ethernet, RS232)
  • HAWE-specific function modules for easy, fast programming
  • Configuration and diagnostic software
Intended applications:
  • Construction machines
  • Municipal trucks
  • Agricultural machines and machines for forestry purposes
  • Heavy-duty transport vehicles
  • Industrial vehicles
Technical data - Type ESX - Programmable logic valve control