Off-road AGV as a basis for snow clearing robots

Snow removal robots are designed for autonomous operation. Thanks to onboard technology, they can navigate, follow predefined routes and do their work without direct human control. To avoid collisions and ensure safety, they use a variety of sensors such as cameras, LiDAR and radar to detect obstacles in their path. In autonomous mode, they automatically adjust their route or stop to avoid collisions. They can also be remotely controlled by an operator on site. In autonomous or remote control mode, they are a valuable support in snow removal for various surfaces such as pavements, driveways, car parks, roads and uneven terrain.

Snow clearing robots based on the ROVO electric robot platform operate without emissions and are equipped with a powerful exchangeable battery for a longer operating time. The caterpillars make them reliably manoeuvrable even in extreme terrain. The appropriate components for telemetry, autonomous driving and the control of the additional functions can be designed and obtained via the HAWE Mattro partner network. You can obtain the optimum hydraulic control system from HAWE Hydraulik's modular system.

Your requirements and functions

  • Autonomous snow clearing and spreading 
  • Can also be used in rough terrain
  • Remote control and data monitoring
Hydraulics and system solutions as well as electrification for snow clearing robots from HAWE

Downloads for snow clearing robots

Flyer: Robot platform ROVO

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