Engineering and one-stop-shop turnkey hydraulic solutions


Our system solutions enable us to meet your requirements from the first consultation, through design to support during start-up. HAWE's modular components can be combined with additional segments to create optimized solutions.

You benefit from our ample experience in the industry, proven components and worldwide uniform engineering standards. Choose HAWE as your primary source of hydraulic integration as you begin developing your system. You can focus on core competencies and receive all your hydraulic components from one single source. After assembly the systems are finely tuned and tested for seamless interaction. We guarantee this by providing the corresponding test log.

Examples of markets and applications where HAWE is successful:

  • Renewable energy
  • Machine tools and manufacturing systems
  • Test facilities and test rigs
  • Brake and winch controls
  • Customized machine and plant engineering
  • Communal utility vehicles
  • Lubricant supply
  • Presses
  • Areas with potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX)

Extract from our product range:


Application-specific manifolds

Manifolds designed for customer-specific requests enable us to customize your requirements regarding material, connection sizes, pressure stability and installation position. We round these out with accumulators, valve technology and sensors as requested.

  • Operating pressure (pmax): 400 bar
  • Flow rate (Qmax): 70 l/min

Compact hydraulic system solutions

Based on your requirements, we realize compact, ready-for-connection solutions using accumulators, cylinders, valves and sensors.

  • Operating pressure (pmax): bar
  • Flow rate (Qmax): lpm
  • Cylinder stroke (lmax.): 150 mm

Minor customer-specific modifications

Our standard compact power packs can be combined with customer-specific control blocks. An extensive modular range of valves provides the right solution for every function. Upon request, we also design and install fitting steel frames.

  • Operating pressure (pmax): 700 bar
  • Flow rate (Qmax): 10 l/min

Special requests as standard

We are accustomed to dealing with special requirements for varnishes, corrosion and surface protection. And we work together with you to make sure auxiliary components, such as fans, coolers, filters, cylinders, metrology and control devices are in the most ideal locations. We can also deliver the system oil-filled.

  • Operating pressure (pmax): 200 bar
  • Flow rate (Qmax): 30 l/min

Explosion protection with certificate

Benefit from our extensive expertise in building hydraulic systems for potentially explosive environments. ATEX-compliant standardized motors, couplings, level and temperature switches are just a few examples how we provide the highest safety for the supply of pressurized oil.

  • Operating pressure (pmax): 700 bar
  • Flow rate (Qmax): 90 l/min

Hydraulics and electronic supplied ready-for-connection

Customer-specific solutions are delivered for plug & play. We assume responsibility for designing, wiring and programming your hydraulic system according to your specifications and wishes.

  • Operating pressure (pmax): 700 bar
  • Flow rate (Qmax): 60 l/min

Steel construction in diverse shapes and sizes

Thanks to our network of reliable suppliers we can satisfy your requirements regarding the shape and size of the accumulator, frame constructions and other steel elements.

  • Operating pressure (pmax): 350 bar
  • Flow rate (Qmax): 390 l/min

Complete hydraulic systems and test facilities

To satisfy all your hydraulic needs we take over the design, assembly, start-up operations and test the tailored system so you receive a one-stop-shopping experience.

  • Operating pressure (pmax): 700 bar
  • Flow rate (Qmax): 500 l/min

Note: The operating pressures and flow rates are maximum figures. The system solutions depicted are exemplary for the respective application.