Transport robots

Transport robots can perform tasks faster and more efficiently than humans or conventional means of transport. They are also well suited for use in hazardous environments where human safety may be at risk. They can be used for a wide range of tasks, from material handling to inspection and monitoring in various industries such as mining, agriculture, construction, forestry and disaster response. In emergencies, all-terrain transport robots can be used for search and rescue, delivery of relief supplies, and exploration of dangerous areas. These robots can perform tasks with high precision, which is necessary when surveying land or placing construction site materials, for example. 

Transport robots based on the ROVO electric robot platform operate without emissions and are equipped with a powerful battery pack for longer operating time. These are equipped with a quick-change system and can be changed within a few minutes. The appropriate components for telemetry, autonomous driving and the control of additional functions can be designed and sourced via HAWE Mattro's partner network. The optimal hydraulic control system is available from the HAWE Hydraulik modular system.

Your requirements and functions

  • Automation of transport tasks
  • Route optimization
  • Follow-me function
  • Minimization of risk of accidents at work
Hydraulics and system solutions as well as electrification for transport robots from HAWE

Downloads for transport robots

Flyer: Robot platform ROVO

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