Hydraulic locking unit (HLU)

Attractions in amusement parks and fairgrounds are popular for young and old. But roller coasters have to be more and more attractive - often to the physical limits of man and material. Safety is a must here - without compromise.

For decades, the leading manufacturers of amusement rides have relied on hydraulic locking units from HAWE and have thus gained the trust of numerous operators of amusement parks and amusement rides.

You can learn more about the detailed functionality and sizes of our hydraulic locking units HLU also on our application page or in our brochure.

Our whitepaper deals with the requirements which are relevant for passenger restraint systems at VR rides. It also shows that hydraulic locking units from HAWE have set standards in this application.


Whitepaper: "Technical and safety requirements for restraint systems for VR rides"

What makes HAWE's HLU so special?


With the hydraulic locking unit HLU, specially developed for amusement rides and flying structures, HAWE has succeeded in fully meeting the following requirements for a restraint system.

Passenger safety:



  • Silent bar adjustment and infinitely variable bar-adjustment
  • Manual opening of the restraining brackets in an emergency
  • Comfort: restraining bracket serves as a boarding and alighting aid (on the HLU-LE32-K)

Comfort for the operator:


  • TÜV Süd homologation: Simplified acceptance process (click here for more information)
  • Safety without compromises: Only one unit, no attachments, low-maintenance, manual emergency operation
  • Tested maximum reliability: Validated for 5 million loads (over the product life cycle)
  • Quick opening and closing of the locking device

Advantages for the manufacturer:



  • Tested standards: ISO 17842-01, DIN EN 13814, ASTM 2291
  • Fulfillment of prEN 13814
  • Plug & Play: Simple installation - the unit is filled with oil, tested and immediately ready to use
  • Highest quality standards: ISO 9001 certified plant, end-of-line and burn-in testings

Additional Services:




  • Extensive Documentation, accessories and spare parts available
  • New replacement units are available within a few days*

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*Note: Since the risk of contamination (and thus the risk of failure) is too high for partial repairs, repairs of old units are generally excluded


Virtual reality is booming in amusement parks. Completely new, digitally programmable worlds of experience open up to the passengers at the moment when the ride is complemented by VR glasses. The whitepaper "Technical and safety requirements for restraint systems for VR rides" describes the use of hydraulic locking units for VR rides.

Roller coasters

It is hard to imagine roller coasters without passenger restraint systems. HAWE's HLU´s are customer-specific, the probability of failure is less than one billion operating hours each and the units are low-maintenance and have a service life of 7 years.