ROVO AI - the platform for emission-free and autonomously operating robots

Whether snow plough, sweeper, mower, field sprayer, handling robot - all this can be implemented with the ROVO AI. The basis is the electrically driven robot platform ROVO from HAWE Mattro. Robot Makers provides the appropriate intelligent (assistance) systems and STW contributes gyro sensors and high-performance controllers. The machine can also be connected to the cloud using the STW telematics module TCG-4.

HAWE's hydraulic and control components drive hydraulic functions such as a mowing unit or the levelling of a possible transport platform. With the software from Robot Makers, the ROVO AI automatically travels routes and operates the hydraulic attachment.

With this application-neutral platform, you get an implement carrier that offers you or your operators maximum flexibility in application-related set-up and conversion: This means you only need one machine as a base vehicle and get a fleet that adapts to your changing needs - in hardware and software.

The ROVO AI is just one example of how a practical and future-proof platform was jointly implemented for you by several partners on the basis of the outdoor robot ROVO. Learn more about our partners who have developed their own ready-to-use solutions based on ROVO.