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Diaphragm accumulator type AC

Product description

Diaphragm accumulators are a type of hydraulic accumulator. A diaphragm separates the compressible gas cushion from the hydraulic fluid.

The diaphragm accumulator type AC is used as a source of pressurized oil. It supports or increases the pump delivery flow or stores pressure energy, e.g. for an accumulator charge circuit.
The type AC is available as a miniature hydraulic accumulator. It is particularly suitable for usage in clamping hydraulics. It is used there to compensate for volume changes in the event of temperature fluctuations, to cover any leakage losses or to dampen oscillations.

With the aid of different fittings the hydraulic accumulator type AC can be integrated into a hydraulic system. Different installation orientations and installation positions are possible.

Features and benefits:
  • Compact design
  • Option of integration into the HAWE modular system
  • Operating pressures up to 500 bar
Intended applications:
  • Clamping systems
  • Jigs
  • Accumulator charging systems
Technical data - Type AC - Accumulator
Size0725DesignsScrew-in typeSystem pressure250Nom. volume (dm³)0.075DocumentDownloads
Size202DesignsScrew-in typeSystem pressure250Nom. volume (dm³)0.16DocumentDownloads
Size603DesignsScrew-in typeSystem pressure330Nom. volume (dm³)0.6DocumentDownloads
Size1002DesignsScrew-in typeSystem pressure210Nom. volume (dm³)1.0DocumentDownloads
Size1035DesignsScrew-in typeSystem pressure350Nom. volume (dm³)1.0DocumentDownloads
Size1414DesignsScrew-in typeSystem pressure140Nom. volume (dm³)1.4DocumentDownloads
Size2001DesignsScrew-in typeSystem pressure100Nom. volume (dm³)1.95DocumentDownloads
Size2002DesignsScrew-in typeSystem pressure250Nom. volume (dm³)1.9DocumentDownloads
Size2035DesignsScrew-in typeSystem pressure350Nom. volume (dm³)1.95DocumentDownloads
Size2825DesignsScrew-in typeSystem pressure250Nom. volume (dm³)2.8DocumentDownloads
Size3225DesignsScrew-in typeSystem pressure210Nom. volume (dm³)0.32DocumentDownloads
SizeDesignsSystem pressureNom. volume (dm³)Document0725Screw-in type2500.075Downloads202Screw-in type2500.16Downloads603Screw-in type3300.6Downloads1002Screw-in type2101.0Downloads1035Screw-in type3501.0Downloads1414Screw-in type1401.4Downloads2001Screw-in type1001.95Downloads2002Screw-in type2501.9Downloads2035Screw-in type3501.95Downloads2825Screw-in type2502.8Downloads3225Screw-in type2100.32Downloads
Technical data - Type AC (Mini) - Accumulator
Size13DesignsScrew-in typeSystem pressure500Nom. volume (dm³)0.013DocumentDownloads
Size40DesignsScrew-in typeSystem pressure400Nom. volume (dm³)0.040DocumentDownloads
SizeDesignsSystem pressureNom. volume (dm³)Document13Screw-in type5000.013Downloads40Screw-in type4000.040Downloads
Technical data - Type ACS (Mini) - Accumulator
Size13DesignsScrew-in typeSystem pressure500Nom. volume (dm³)0.013DocumentDownloads
SizeDesignsSystem pressureNom. volume (dm³)Document13Screw-in type5000.013Downloads