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Valve bank (nominal size 6) type BA

Product description

A valve bank combines different valves for operating independent consumers.

The directional valve bank type BA consists of several valve sections that are fitted to sub-plates with NG 6. Using these items compact control blocks can be assembled flexibly.

The intermediate plates type NZP make possible additional functions and contain, e.g., pressure-reducing valves, shock valves, load-holding valves etc. An intermediate plate can be inserted between the sub-plate and the valve. The valve bank type BA can be flange-mounted directly on the compact hydraulic power pack.

Features and benefits:
  • Sub-plates for flexible combination of directional valve types with NG 6 (CETOP) standard connection pattern
  • Valve bank can be flange mounted directly on the connection block of a compact hydraulic power pack or connected as a separately arranged valve bank for pipe connection
  • Pressure switches and/or any other monitoring elements can be connected directly
  • Additional elements, such as orifices, throttles and check valves for connections P, R, A and B can be integrated
  • Hydraulic accumulator can be mounted directly
Intended applications:
  • Clamping systems on machine tools and equipment
  • Process control on deforming machine tools
  • Brake and rotor adjustment modules on wind turbines
Technical data - Type BA - Directional spool valve - valve combination
Size2DesignPorting, Valve bankSystem pressure400Flow rate (lpm)50DocumentDownloads
SizeDesignSystem pressureFlow rate (lpm)Document2Porting, Valve bank40050Downloads
Technical data - Type NZP - Directional spool valve - valve combination
Size16DesignIntermediate flangeSystem pressure500Flow rate (lpm)50DocumentDownloads
SizeDesignSystem pressureFlow rate (lpm)Document16Intermediate flange50050Downloads