AkkuSafe for the Energypacks - Safe space for lithium-ion batteries

The new HAWE Mattro AkkuSafe is the uncompromising safety storage for your batteries, both for storage and for transport. The AkkuSafe is available in two different versions:

The AkkuSafe Basic is a TÜV-tested transport container that complies with ADR class 9 in accordance with dangerous goods regulations (Length: 1170mm; width: 762mm; height: 990mm).

The AkkuSafe Complete contains an extinguishing agent attachment for automatic fire fighting (Length: 1170mm; width: 782mm; height: 1980mm).

Why do I need an AkkuSafe?

Fires caused by careless handling of lithium-ion batteries have led to a public discussion about corresponding safety standards. This is expected to bring new regulations. With the HAWE Mattro AkkuSafe you can bring yourself up to future standards right away.


With the HAWE AkkuSafe Complete you will have your own company fire department. In an emergency, a membrane melts in the HAWE Mattro AkkuSafe extinguishing attachment, clearing the way for 180 liters of expanded glass granulate, which packs the battery and seals off the fire before it can cause major damage. The easily removable AkkuSafe extinguishing attachment can be disassembled for transport and reattached as needed.


The combined container for storage and transport also includes an integrated extinguishing function. In addition, the HAWE Mattro AkkuSafe almost completely utilizes the maximum permitted transport or storage volume of 450 liters, impresses with compactness, fits on a pallet and can be connected to existing water sprinkler or carbon dioxide extinguishing systems.