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Manual pump type H, HD and HE

Product description

Hand pumps are a type of hydraulic pump. They generate a flow rate manually.

The hand pump type H and HE is single-acting. It draws in oil in one direction and pumps it in the opposite direction. The hand pump type HD is double-acting. It pumps and draws in the same quantity of oil in the pressure line during the forward and backward movement of the hand lever. The hand pump type H, HE and HD is available for pipe connection and manifold mounting.

The hand pump is particularly suitable as an emergency pump or for test benches.

Features and benefits:
  • Sturdy design
  • Hand pumps with integrated tank
  • Safety and drain valve
Intended applications:
  • Shipbuilding
  • Mining machinery
  • fixture design
  • Testing and laboratory equipment
Technical data - Type H - Hand pump
Size16DesignsPortingSystem pressure350Displacement (ccm/rev)6DocumentDownloads
Size20DesignsPorting, Manifold mountingSystem pressure220Displacement (ccm/rev)9.4DocumentDownloads
Size25DesignsPorting, Manifold mountingSystem pressure150Displacement (ccm/rev)14.7DocumentDownloads
SizeDesignsSystem pressureDisplacement (ccm/rev)Document16Porting3506Downloads20Porting, Manifold mounting2209.4Downloads25Porting, Manifold mounting15014.7Downloads
Technical data - Type HD - Hand pump
Size13, 131DesignsPorting, Manifold mountingSystem pressure350Displacement (ccm/rev)13DocumentDownloads
Size20, 201DesignsPorting, Manifold mountingSystem pressure220Displacement (ccm/rev)20DocumentDownloads
Size30, 301DesignsPorting, Manifold mountingSystem pressure150Displacement (ccm/rev)30DocumentDownloads
SizeDesignsSystem pressureDisplacement (ccm/rev)Document13, 131Porting, Manifold mounting35013Downloads20, 201Porting, Manifold mounting22020Downloads30, 301Porting, Manifold mounting15030Downloads
Technical data - Type HE - Hand pump
Size3DesignsPorting, Manifold mountingSystem pressure800Displacement (ccm/rev)3DocumentDownloads
Size4, 41DesignsPorting, Manifold mountingSystem pressure600Displacement (ccm/rev)4DocumentDownloads
SizeDesignsSystem pressureDisplacement (ccm/rev)Document3Porting, Manifold mounting8003Downloads4, 41Porting, Manifold mounting6004Downloads