Interviews with apprentices at HAWE


Sophie, apprentice industrial mechanic

Here at HAWE there is always someone there for you, you are not on your own. On the first day, we were shown everything and the workplaces were explained to us. When I was still very new, I naturally made mistakes at the beginning, such as working uncleanly and reading drawings incorrectly. That doesn't happen any more.

What I like best here is programming machines. I think it's great to work here, also because I get to show a lot of independence. We change departments every 3-4 weeks, so everyone has a chance to see everything. I prefer being at work to being at school, although school is pretty easy.  It's a nice feeling to come home and know: I totally got a lot done today!


David, apprentice industrial mechanic

I came across HAWE through recommendations. I had no idea what I wanted to do in the future and just took a look. I feel very comfortable here, the trainers are great and always there when you need them. We are challenged here, but not too much is expected of us. After all, we are here to learn! We are allowed to work independently a lot and if I have difficulties, someone always has an ear for me and shows me everything again in peace. My first day at HAWE was quite exciting, I was very nervous at the beginning. We met in the meeting room and then got a tour of the factory.

I always enjoy going to work because the people are really nice and the working atmosphere is great. The apprenticeship pay is also quite attractive. I don't have any difficulties at school, but I still prefer going to work. There is always variety and something to do. What's also great is that HAWE offers a lot of further education and training that every employee can take part in. There are also many projects in which you can participate.


Anja, Apprentice Industrial Clerk

I am doing an apprenticeship as an industrial clerk at HAWE Hydraulik SE.

What I particularly like about the training is the many different departments and the opportunity to get to know each area. The trust of the employees and therefore the independent tasks that I am allowed to do. During my training, I work on many different trainee projects, which gives me the opportunity to take on new challenges and develop professionally and personally. The company also has a very pleasant working atmosphere, a friendly ambience and offers flexible working hours.