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Mini hydraulic power units for decentralized control solutions

Modern hydraulic solutions generate their power where it is needed. Decentralized control is the buzzword here. Implementation requires compact and integrated control solutions that are installed close to the consumer and have low noise emissions. The machine manufacturer saves long hydraulic hose lines, reduces losses and simplifies commissioning. This is because the power unit operates as a self-sufficient unit and only needs to be supplied with power.


HAWE Tech Podcast

The HAWE Tech Podcast is a format that regularly informs you about hydraulic applications and technical highlights. 


Directional seated valves with CETOP connection are an energy-efficient alternative to directional spool valves in many applications

Due to their design principle, directional seated valves offer a high potential for energy savings compared to directional spool valves. So it makes sense to optimize the entire production process of these seated valves accordingly. HAWE Hydraulik uses the GHG protocol for the evaluation of the Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) and currently considers the cycle from the procurement of all materials to delivery to the customer. The high depth of added value in the HAWE production plants, the associated short transport routes plus a product design that generates little material waste in production, contribute positively to this.


HAWE Hydraulik to serve the Danish market with its own subsidiary in future

On 09.02.2023 HAWE Hydraulik Denmark A/S was founded with headquarters in Albertslund in Denmark. The company is a 100% subsidiary of HAWE Hydraulik SE and serves the local mobile and industrial hydraulics customers.