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Easy to install pitch control in wind turbines

Pitch controls and pitch drives are used to reliably adjust the blade angle to the wind in wind turbines. These are also a guarantee for the best possible energy yield from wind power and must work reliably over the entire service life of the plant. Current development trends show a continuous increase in pitch activity. At the same time, the functionality of the drives has a considerable influence on the service life of other components such as the tower and foundation.


Plant-specific brake control for wind turbines from the modular system

In the event of an emergency or planned maintenance/service, the turning of the fast shaft of the gearbox in a wind turbine must be braked safely or kept safe after stopping. For this purpose, a disc brake is positioned on the shaft in medium and large wind turbines. This can be reliably triggered and operated by a hydraulic power pack with attached manifold. Depending on the size of the brakes, HAWE Hydraulik quickly and easily designs the right compact hydraulic power pack from the modular system.


Compact hydraulic control for blade tip brakes of wind turbines

For small and medium-sized wind turbines, the blade tip brake used must be compact. This sits at the end of the rotor blades and leads to the aerodynamic deceleration of the rotor by adjusting the blade tip. This brake can be hydraulically driven. With its specially tailored mini hydraulic unit, HAWE Hydraulik offers not only a very compact, but also a very robust solution. This reduces the maintenance effort and increases the reliability of the complete system.


Smart integrated solution with CAN bus combines boom and outrigger control in one block

HAWE Hydraulik has developed an integrated hydraulic solution for mobile machines in order to transfer the advantages of the CAN bus in the control of main functions to secondary functions. As a result, the machine manufacturer not only saves time during assembly, but also weight and installation space in the vehicle. This new manifold MICK is designed for use in the concrete pump. Particularly advantageous is its use in mobile machines with several consumer groups, which work sequentially and are operated separately from each other.


New PowerBox as part of HAWE's electrification offer

In electrification projects of mobile machines HAWE Hydraulik offers different concepts. The latest is the PowerBox, which offers enormous advantages for installation and in operation. In addition to the battery packs, it also contains a new MPU (Motor Pump Unit), the PDU (Power Distribution Unit), a charger and the hydraulics. The concept can be adapted to the specific requirements of the vehicle manufacturer, right down to the disassembled assembly, which can be integrated directly into the vehicle. Connected and fully charged, the PowerBox is ready for autonomous use and commissioning is accomplished in a very short time.


Waterproof and powerful - the HICON hydraulic power pack

The mini hydraulic power pack type HICON from HAWE Hydraulik was designed for use in recreational boats and offers a unique advantage in many other applications: It is waterproof and thus resistant to splash water or temporary immersion in water during operation. Due to the encapsulated design in 3 chambers, the protection class IP67 is achieved.