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Powerful two-stage drive for hydraulic rescue tools - it couldn't be smaller

Hydraulic handheld tools, such as crimping pliers, rescue cutters and punching tools should be as small as possible so that they are easy to handle at the place of use. At the same time they develop enormous forces during operation.  Hydraulics with their high power density and the new type of extremely compact two-stage drive from HAWE Hydraulik are ideally suited for this purpose.


State-of-the-art safety solution for passenger restraint systems in rides

Attractions in adventure parks and events, such as roller coasters, robot simulators, water rides and VR rides have one thing in common: the safety of the passengers must be guaranteed at all times, without compromise.  This is ensured by hydraulic locking units that control the restraint bar. The latest generation of HAWE Micro Fluid's type HLU LE-X offers a highly flexible yet compact solution for this.


The HAWE Barbing plant is running at full speed again

HAWE Micro Fluid in Barbing, which is mainly known for the production of hydraulic solutions for medical technology and personal restraint systems, is producing 100% and trouble-free again after a fire in June this year. The backlogs in all series products have been completely processed and new orders are scheduled as usual.


10 years HAWE Training Center

The HAWE Training Center celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. Already in 2003 training courses in the field of clamping technology were held for a long-standing customer. In the following years more and more customers joined the company, so that in 2011 a separate training center was made available.


Karl Haeusgen is VDMA President

After two terms of office as Vice President, the time has come today, October 9, 2020, for the Chairman of the Supervisory Board and main shareholder of HAWE Hydraulik SE. He was elected President of the VDMA (Mechanical Engineering Industry Association), Europe's largest industrial association, at the headquarters in Frankfurt am Main.


Flexible EX solenoids for hydraulic valves with terminal box

Certification is mandatory for the use of hydraulic controls in explosion hazardous areas, such as oil and gas production, chemical and steel industries. For this purpose HAWE Hydraulik now offers its directional control valves with new, user-friendly EX solenoids. Instead of a cable with a specified length, the solenoids have a terminal box that offers the machine manufacturer maximum flexibility when selecting the cable type and length.