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Line connector type MSD and others

Product description

A selection of additional electronic components is available for use in hydraulic systems.

Line connectors with and without additional functions, e.g. LEDs for switching position monitoring and protective circuits. Line connectors with economy circuit, e.g. to minimise the temperature at the solenoid and to save energy.

Power supply units for installation in switch cabinets.

The final force of an actuating solenoid in an interconnected state is generally significantly higher than the force required to securely hold the valve. The final force of the solenoid after interconnecting can be reduced by decreasing the voltage applied using a so-called economy circuit. Since the heating of a solenoid increases quadratically in line with the supply voltage, this may result in a very noticeable decrease in the coil excess temperature and therefore a marked prolongation of the lifetime of the solenoids.

The economy circuit is not required for customary applications but due to the reasons mentioned can be useful for long switch-on times with only short breaks, with continuous switch-on or generally in an increased ambient temperature. The same applies if valves located directly next to each other in a directional valve block are switched on at the same time and for longer time spans. Due to the low final temperature, this generally results in increased switching reliability during switching operations at the hydraulic limits Qmax and pmax.

Features and benefits:
  • Simple installation
  • Energy savings during continuous operation
Intended applications:
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Mobile machines and in the industry sector
Technical data - Type MSD - Solenoid plug
Size1DesignsSolenoid plugVoltage (V)250DocumentDownloads
Size2DesignsSolenoid plugVoltage (V)250DocumentDownloads
Size2 C1DesignsSolenoid plugVoltage (V)250DocumentDownloads
Size3_309DesignsSolenoid plugVoltage (V)250DocumentDownloads
Size3-P209 C1DesignsSolenoid plugVoltage (V)250DocumentDownloads
Size4_ECODesignsSolenoid plugVoltage (V)24DocumentDownloads
Size4_209_P10DesignsSolenoid plugVoltage (V)250DocumentDownloads
Size4-309 C1+RDesignsSolenoid plugVoltage (V)24DocumentDownloads
Size4-309 C2DesignsSolenoid plugVoltage (V)250DocumentDownloads
Size4_309_P22DesignsSolenoid plugVoltage (V)250DocumentDownloads
Size4_P53DesignsSolenoid plugVoltage (V)230DocumentDownloads
Size4_P63DesignsSolenoid plugVoltage (V)115DocumentDownloads
Size6_209DesignsSolenoid plugVoltage (V)250DocumentDownloads
SizeDesignsVoltage (V)Document1Solenoid plug250Downloads2Solenoid plug250Downloads2 C1Solenoid plug250Downloads3_309Solenoid plug250Downloads3-P209 C1Solenoid plug250Downloads4_ECOSolenoid plug24Downloads4_209_P10Solenoid plug250Downloads4-309 C1+RSolenoid plug24Downloads4-309 C2Solenoid plug250Downloads4_309_P22Solenoid plug250Downloads4_P53Solenoid plug230Downloads4_P63Solenoid plug115Downloads6_209Solenoid plug250Downloads
Technical data - Type MSE - Solenoid plug
Size28026DesignsSolenoid plugVoltage (V)24DocumentDownloads
Size28028DesignsSolenoid plugVoltage (V)24DocumentDownloads
SizeDesignsVoltage (V)Document28026Solenoid plug24Downloads28028Solenoid plug24Downloads
Technical data - Type SVS - Solenoid plug
Size296048DesignsSolenoid plugVoltage (V)24DocumentDownloads
Size296100DesignsSolenoid plugVoltage (V)24DocumentDownloads
Size296365DesignsSolenoid plugVoltage (V)24DocumentDownloads
Size3129020DesignsSolenoid plugVoltage (V)24DocumentDownloads
Size3129720DesignsSolenoid plugVoltage (V)24DocumentDownloads
SizeDesignsVoltage (V)Document296048Solenoid plug24Downloads296100Solenoid plug24Downloads296365Solenoid plug24Downloads3129020Solenoid plug24Downloads3129720Solenoid plug24Downloads