Electrification - an offer from the HAWE Group

From vehicle development to series production. The HAWE team will electrify your special vehicle, self-propelled working machine or your working hydraulics. The engineers support the development of the vehicle concept, assemble your component kit and optimize your prototype. Thanks to a broad network of long-standing partners and suppliers, HAWE can supply you with the modular product system tailored to your machine from a comprehensive portfolio from a single source. 

Two megatrends in particular are increasing the need for customized electrification solutions:

  • Sustainability or emission reduction in the manufacture and operation of machines.
  • Increasing urbanization, which is placing greater focus on the noise emissions of municipal and refuse collection vehicles, road clearing equipment and construction machinery. 

Project flow and typical questions

Every electrification project is individual. The optimal overall system must be determined depending on the planned area of application and the intended performance spectrum of the mobile working machine. For this purpose, the HAWE team goes through a proven project procedure with the vehicle manufacturer. The vehicle manufacturer receives documentation on test results, the optimal concept and recommended components.

  • Analysis of the initial situation and, if necessary, measurements on existing machine
  • Recording of the requirements for the future vehicle
  • Concept phase and selection of components
  • Prototype construction and testing
  • Fine tuning and transition to series production

Whitepaper: Electrification of mobile machinery

The “electrification” megatrend familiar to us from the automobile industry has reached the market for off-road and commercial vehicles. For such vehicles it’s insufficient to think only of the electrification of the drive train. The working hydraulics in loading cranes, municipal trucks or raised working platforms can also be equipped with an electric drive, thereby becoming a highly efficient and at the same time emission-free system. This offers both superstructure manufacturers and vehicle manufacturers entirely new opportunities, which can be tackled in separate successive, for instance by modification, or all at the same time.


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