IT specialist for system integration


As an IT specialist in the field of system integration, you plan and configure IT systems. As an in-house service provider, you set up, operate and manage these systems according to requirements. This also includes isolating and systematically eliminating errors in the event of malfunctions. You advise users on the selection and use of devices and solve application and system problems.

IT specialist in application development


As an IT specialist in the field of application development, you develop, analyse, design and understand complex software systems and adapt standard software to specific requirements. When implementing requirements or acquiring new software, you advise the specialist departments and document the results. You use various application server platforms and programming languages. 

During and after the commissioning of various systems, you work closely with the system integration department to ensure smooth operation and support the users from the specialist departments with questions and problems.

Apprenticeship in the plants:

  • Aschheim/Munich
  • Freising

Apprenticeship requirement:

At least intermediate secondary school leaving certificate or intermediate secondary school leaving certificate

Apprenticeship duration:

3 years

Apprenticeship in Aschheim

Apprenticeship in Freising