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Pressure switch type DG

Product description

Pressure switches are hydraulic accessories. They close or open electrical contacts when under pressure.

They are used to issue an electrical switching command or signal for further work steps when a predefined pressure value is reached.

Two independent switching points can be programmed. Pushbuttons or IO-Link can be used to carry out the setting.

Features and benefits:
  • Operating pressures up to 1000 bar
Intended applications:
  • General hydraulic systems
  • Machine tools
Technical data - Type DG - Pressure switch
Size1DesignsScrew-in typeSystem pressure600DocumentDownloads
Size3DesignsScrew-in type, Porting, Manifold mounting, Pipe connectionSystem pressure700DocumentDownloads
Size5DesignsScrew-in type, Manifold mountingSystem pressure600DocumentDownloads
Size6DesignsScrew-in type, Manifold mountingSystem pressure400DocumentDownloads
Size8DesignsScrew-in typeSystem pressure600DocumentDownloads
SizeDesignsSystem pressureDocument1Screw-in type600Downloads3Screw-in type, Porting, Manifold mounting, Pipe connection700Downloads5Screw-in type, Manifold mounting600Downloads6Screw-in type, Manifold mounting400Downloads8Screw-in type600Downloads