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Servo hydraulic power pack type HS 120

Product description

Servo hydraulic power packs are a type of hydraulic power pack. They consist of a constant pump and a directly flange-mounted servomotor. This makes for a highly dynamic and energy-efficient drive unit.

The servo hydraulic power pack type HS 120 contains a very compact and powerful servo electric drive. Its ‘power-on-demand’ results in impressively high energy efficiency and allows it to be used without additional cooling. The servo hydraulic power pack type HS will let you set up reversible operation without any additional valve technology.

Depending on your application, a number of different motor/frequency converter combinations and pump delivery flow rates are available, as well as different variants of integrated check valve. The tank also features a level/temperature switch.

Features and advantages:
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Highly dynamic rate changes and direction changes are easy to set up
  • Requires little space thanks to compact design
  • Low noise
  • Resource-saving due to small oil filling volume
Intended applications:
  • Injection moulding machines
  • Machine tools
  • Punches and bending machines
  • Leveller machines
Technical data - Type HS
Size120DesignHydraulic power packMax. system pressure150DocumentDownloadsConfiguratorConfigurator
SizeDesignMax. system pressureDocumentConfigurator120Hydraulic power pack150DownloadsConfigurator