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Valve bank type BNG

Valve bank type BNG with NSWP

Product description

The directional valve bank type BNG consists of several valve sections, which are based on sub-plates. They can be used to flexibly assemble compact hydraulic manifolds.

Both directional spool valves and directional seated valves can be mounted.

The intermediate plates type NZP enable additional functions and contain, for example, pressure reducing valves, shock valves, load-holding valves, etc. An intermediate plate can be inserted between the sub-plate and the valve. The valve bank type BABNG can be flange-mounted directly on the hydraulic power packs.

Features and advantages:
  • Flexible connection options
  • Additional functions can be integrated as intermediate plates
  • Hydraulic accumulator can be mounted directly
Intended applications:
  • Clamping systems on machine tools and equipment
  • Process control on deforming machine tools
  • Brake and rotor adjustment modules on wind turbines
Technical data - Type BNG - Directional spool valve - valve combination
Size2DesignValve bankMax. system pressure400System pressure400Nom. flow rate (lpm)60Flow rate (lpm)60DocumentDownloadsConfiguratorConfigurator
Size8DesignValve bankMax. system pressure315System pressure315Nom. flow rate (lpm)160Flow rate (lpm)160DocumentDownloadsConfiguratorConfigurator
SizeDesignMax. system pressureSystem pressureNom. flow rate (lpm)Flow rate (lpm)DocumentConfigurator2Valve bank4004006060DownloadsConfigurator8Valve bank315315160160DownloadsConfigurator