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Zero Waste - Reduce, Re-use, Recycle

In 2019, HAWE Hydraulik and 7 other companies founded the network "Zero Waste - Reduce, Re-use, Recycle". In the last 2 years, a number of goals have already been achieved. After the initial focus was on the avoidance of single-use plastic, all possible topics of resource waste are now addressed during the network meetings.


HAWE Hydraulik is part of the "dekarbN" climate protection network

After more than 10 successful years in various energy efficiency networks, HAWE Hydraulik is also starting in the first climate protection network "dekarbN" in Bavaria. This is a further step towards becoming an energy-efficient and climate-friendly company.


HAWE Slovenia certified according to three EHS ISO standards

After a very good basis was created over the last years or since the initial certifications of HAWE Hydraulik SE sites, in December 2020 HAWE Slovenija was certified according to the three ISO standards: Environmental Management (ISO 14001), Occupational Health and Safety Management (ISO 45001) and Energy Management (ISO 50001). Thus, HAWE meets the increasing requirements regarding sustainability, environmental protection and occupational health and safety.


HAWE Hydraulik builds new plant in Wuxi (China)

HAWE Hydraulik is merging its two existing production sites in China at a new, modern location in Wuxi. In the future, system solutions for key industries such as wind turbines, solar plants, machine tools and medical technology will be built here primarily for the local market. Construction work on the new building will start in mid-March 2021. The sales location in Shanghai will be retained. 


Conveying hydraulic knowledge in a practical way

In the future, students at the TU Munich were to be offered even more practical knowledge and, above all, practical exercise opportunities in the courses on automation technology. For this purpose, the chair approached the Munich-based family-owned company HAWE Hydraulik. A cooperation was established, which is to be further expanded.


Developing lightweight robots and exoskeletons in modular design

Designing lightweight robots for various movement tasks in an automated way and adapting them easily to use in rehabilitation, household, crafts or care - that is the goal of a joint research project in which HAWE Hydraulik is currently participating. The high power density of the hydraulics should minimize the moving masses and increase the efficiency and thus the service life per battery charge.