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HAWE supports UNICEF's "Turning trash into building blocks for children's futures" initiative

HAWE Hydraulik supports UNICEF in the initiative "Turning trash into building blocks for children's future" in Côte d'Ivoire. In this project, UNICEF is working with the Colombian company "Conceptos Plásticos" to develop a recycling market that converts plastic waste into durable and cost-effective building materials. These in turn are used to create new classrooms for the children there, who are currently unable to attend school due to a lack of space.

Côte d'Ivoire residents are currently facing many challenges. Nearly 2 million children between the ages of 6 and 15 are unable to attend school due to the infrastructure. The few existing classrooms are too small and there are about 40 to 60 pupils in one class.

With the help of the recycled materials from the recycling market, the classrooms can be built at a low price. The children on the Ivory Coast will thus have access to better education and to extended classrooms through this project. This provides the children with a clean environment in which they can live and learn healthily.

Furthermore, almost half of the households, many of them single mothers, live in poverty and only 5% of the plastic waste is recycled. This inadequate waste disposal is responsible for about 60% of diseases such as malaria and respiratory diseases. The (often single) mothers are strengthened by the initiative by employing them in the recycling markets and thus creating income opportunities. With the help of the project, additional diseases can be prevented and reduced.

HAWE Hydraulik will support this initiative in order to develop and promote this project in the future.

Further information about this project can be found at UNICEF.