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When heavy equipment requires a firm stand

Proven in medical technology, but can also be used in all other heavy mobile equipment - the hydraulic Floor-Lock system from HAWE Hydraulik

Hydraulic Floor-Lock systems are the small inconspicuous cylinders that firmly fix and support very heavy mobile equipment at its place of use. No matter whether the ground is sloping, slippery or uneven, as soon as the equipment has been moved to its location, the fixing is done by the operator at the push of a button. This is ensured by a small but powerful hydraulic drive integrated in the housing.

For many years now, it has been impossible to imagine medical technology without hydraulic Floor-Lock systems, which lock and stabilize the position of operating tables, operating robots or other large medical equipment. The system is very easy to operate, but reliable and stable in operation. Precision plays a particularly important role in medical technology. The engineers at HAWE Hydraulik are convinced that there are further fields of application for this very compact and reliable system solution. It is conceivable, for example, to use it in all heavy equipment or assembly tables that have to be moved from time to time or regularly. Mobile robots in assembly, analysis devices in the laboratory, cabinets with tools in the workshop, 3D printers in production are only a few potential places of application.

There is a classic floor-lock system, which is mounted separately from the rollers, but also a system where the hydraulic cylinders are integrated into the double rollers. The systems are secured and monitored by integrated pressure switches. The system can also be used as a passive vibration damper.

HAWE Hydraulik supplies the complete set consisting of hydraulic power pack, valve block, 4 cylinders and the corresponding hose lines fully assembled for plug & play. It is also possible to extend an existing hydraulic system in the unit with the new additional function.