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Young bee colonies in Kaufbeuren

Since July 6th the HAWE plant in Kaufbeuren has new, hard-working employees. From now on bees will ensure sufficient pollination of the surrounding areas and green spaces of the plant.

A total of eight employees, including three trainees at the Kaufbeuren plant, are responsible for the bees. The project is supported and instructed by an employee who already has several years of experience with his own bees. Before the actual start, the necessary beekeeping equipment was procured. These include beekeeper's boxes and other equipment necessary for the hygienic and species-appropriate keeping of the bees.

This summer, the main focus will be on the good development of the young colonies in order to then winter them as strong colonies. This year the bees have the opportunity to get used to their new environment and to explore it. Starting next year there will even be a own HAWE honey.

With this project HAWE wants to use the opportunity to sensitize the employees for the importance of environmental issues. HAWE's commitment, also in the field of biodiversity, is to be further expanded with this campaign and is a nice addition to the existing project for grazing the green areas around the Kaufbeuren plant by sheep.

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