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Directional spool valve bank type DL

Product description

Throttling directional spool valves are a type of directional valve. They continuously and manually meter the flow rate in hydraulic systems with single and double-acting consumers.

The throttling directional spool valve type DL influences the speed of the consumer by throttling the pump circulation via a parallel circuit (bypass control). The close fit of the spool in the throttling directional spool valve means that the leakage is limited to a minimum for lifting functions.

The throttling directional spool valve type DL is suitable for applications in material handling and for lifting equipment.

Features and benefits:
  • Compact design with up to 10 segments
  • Various actuation variants for manual actuation
  • Simple pressure reductions in downstream sections using intermediate plates
  • Combinations possible for controlling lifting devices
Intended applications:
  • Material handling (industrial trucks, etc.)
  • Machines for agricultural and forestry purposes
  • Construction and construction materials machinery
  • Road vehicle
Technical data - Type DL - Throttle valve
Size1DesignValve bankSystem pressure315Flow rate (lpm)16DocumentDownloadsConfiguratorConfigurator
Size2DesignValve bankSystem pressure315Flow rate (lpm)30DocumentDownloadsConfiguratorConfigurator
Size3DesignValve bankSystem pressure250Flow rate (lpm)60DocumentDownloadsConfiguratorConfigurator
Size4DesignValve bankSystem pressure250Flow rate (lpm)90DocumentDownloadsConfiguratorConfigurator
SizeDesignSystem pressureFlow rate (lpm)DocumentConfigurator1Valve bank31516DownloadsConfigurator2Valve bank31530DownloadsConfigurator3Valve bank25060DownloadsConfigurator4Valve bank25090DownloadsConfigurator