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Proportional directional spool valve type PSLF, PSVF and SLF

Product description

Proportional directional spool valves are a type of directional valve. They control the direction of movement and the velocity of individual or multiple hydraulic consumers actuated simultaneously. Control is independent of the load and continuous.

The proportional directional spool valve type PSLF is suitable for constant pump systems and type PSVF for variable pump systems with a pressure/flow controller. The proportional directional spool valve type PSLF and PSVF is available as an individual manifold mounting valve or in the valve bank. The volumetric flows and load pressures for the individual consumers can be individually adjusted. The directional spool valve can be adapted to different control tasks. Connections on the rear permit easy access to the valve for servicing, even in tight installation spaces. All sizes can be combined with each other.

The proportional directional spool valve type PSLF and PSVF is used in mobile hydraulics, in particular in crane and lifting equipment, construction and mining machinery, drilling equipment as well as in offshore and marine technology.

Features and benefits:
  • Max. flow 1000 lpm at 420 bar
  • Rear side ports for easy access to valves, even in small installation spaces
  • Flange design can be combined across all sizes with fast valve replacement
  • Simultaneous operation of several functions at full speed
Intended applications:
  • Construction machinery and machines for building materials
  • Cranes and lifting equipment
  • Offshore and marine technology
  • Mining machinery
Technical data - Type PSVF - Prop. directional spool valve
Size3DesignValve bankSystem pressure420Flow rate (total, pump) (lpm)120Flow rate (consumer) (lpm)120DocumentDownloads
Size5DesignValve bankSystem pressure400Flow rate (total, pump) (lpm)350Flow rate (consumer) (lpm)270DocumentDownloads
Size7DesignValve bankSystem pressure400Flow rate (total, pump) (lpm)1000Flow rate (consumer) (lpm)500DocumentDownloads
SizeDesignSystem pressureFlow rate (total, pump) (lpm)Flow rate (consumer) (lpm)Document3Valve bank420120120Downloads5Valve bank400350270Downloads7Valve bank4001000500Downloads
Technical data - Type SLF - Prop. directional spool valve
Size3DesignManifold mountingSystem pressure420Flow rate (consumer) (lpm)120DocumentDownloads
Size5DesignManifold mountingSystem pressure400Flow rate (consumer) (lpm)270DocumentDownloads
Size7DesignManifold mountingSystem pressure420Flow rate (consumer) (lpm)500DocumentDownloads
SizeDesignSystem pressureFlow rate (consumer) (lpm)Document3Manifold mounting420120Downloads5Manifold mounting400270Downloads7Manifold mounting420500Downloads