General Terms of Use HAWE Customer Portal

1. Terms of use

Thank you for your interest in HAWE eDesign. This service is provided to you as a user of the platform (“user”) by HAWE Hydraulik SE (“HAWE”), Einsteinring 17, 85609 Aschheim/Munich, Germany. Please read the following terms carefully before using HAWE eDesign. By acting as the user, you consent to the following terms. 

2. Services

     a. HAWE eDesign

At, HAWE offers a platform free of charge that enables you to create programs for controlling and adjusting programmable logic valve controls by HAWE (“HAWE eDesign”). The created programs’ functions will depend solely on the user’s input. Users can transfer the created programs to their valve controls using the “HAWE eUpdate” software. This software is available for download in the “Help” menu under “Downloads”. HAWE eDesign will subject the input data to a minimal plausibility check, but not check it in any greater detail. Incorrect programming may cause the addressed hydraulic elements to perform unexpected movements or to malfunction, in turn causing serious injury or damage. The platform can therefore be used safely only by users with expert knowledge in the applicable fields. Proceed with particular care when starting your machinery! 

     b. Power Unit X-pert Selection Tool

At, HAWE offers you a design aid free of charge for hydraulic systems (“Power Unit Selection Tool”). The proposed selection will depend solely on the user’s input. HAWE will not check the input data for plausibility in any way. The selection will not take into account factors such as, for example, dimensions and weight limits. Users must therefore always double-check the propositions offered. HAWE accepts no liability for any loss or damage suffered by the user as a result of following these recommendations.

     c. Documentation & Configuration

With the service “TypeMan”, HAWE offers you a free-of-charge information platform for the HAWE product portfolio. The product documentation and information available act as an overview over the technical product characteristics. They are not intended for submission to third parties.

The product configurator “TypeGen” enables creation of custom configurations for products from the HAWE product portfolio. The proposed selection will depend solely on the user’s input. The proposed configuration steps will take into account the logic of the product assembly and illustrate all technical constellations. The actual weight may differ from the specifications in the database.

     d. Spare Parts Catalog

With the service “PartsMan”, HAWE offers you a free-of-charge spare parts catalog for the HAWE product portfolio. Users can identify spare parts using an available item number or by means of the exploded drawings.

     e. HAWE 3D

With the service “HAWE 3D”, HAWE offers you a free-of-charge 3D product catalog. The 3D models available are based on current technology and are updated regularly.

     f. eVolex Dashboard

HAWE offers the “eVolex Dashboard” service, a free-of-charge online service for monitoring the status of HLU LE-X (E) hydraulic locking units, which allows customers to analyze, document and manage data uploaded to the dashboard. The quality of information provided by eVolex Dashboard depends crucially on whether sufficient data has been uploaded and the instructions for use have been followed.

3. Duration of service

There is presently no limit to the duration of service. However, the service may be temporarily limited at any time due to maintenance work, updates, troubleshooting measures, etc. HAWE reserves the right to change, limit or disable all services. There is no entitlement to support.

4. Intellectual property

The user is the originator of the data and projects entered and the programs generated from them. The intellectual property rights are therefore owned by the user. However, HAWE reserves the right to analyze and otherwise evaluate all stored data as well as user interaction with the services provided through the HAWE customer portal for the purposes of improving the portal. Any and all data supplied by HAWE remain the property of HAWE.

5. Use of the generated program (HAWE eDesign)

The generated programs are intended for use only with the valve controls available for selection within HAWE eDesign and only in conjunction with the provided software application HAWE eUpdate. Use in conjunction with non-HAWE valve controls or apps is not supported by HAWE and is not recommended.

6. User’s responsibility

It remains the user’s responsibility to ensure that they and their agents use the platform properly. This also applies to the way the generated programs are used. Users are generally responsible for backing up their own data unless this is expressly part of HAWE’s service.

7. Disclaimer

HAWE shall be held liable for any loss or damage resulting from intentional or grossly negligent dereliction of duty by HAWE or their legal representatives or agents. Liability for cardinal obligations is limited, within the scope of the free offer of HAWE eDesign, to intentional dereliction and gross negligence. For the purposes of this provision, cardinal obligations are obligations the breach of which jeopardizes the achievement of the purpose of the contract or the fulfillment of which makes the proper execution of the contract possible in the first place and on the observance of which the user regularly relies. 

Liability for cardinal obligations toward end consumers shall not be limited to intentional dereliction or gross negligence. In such cases, HAWE shall also be held liable for negligent breach of cardinal obligations. In any case, HAWE’s liability resulting from breach of cardinal obligations shall be limited to losses foreseeable and appropriate to the type of contract in question. HAWE accepts no liability for breaches other than the aforementioned duties where such breaches result from simple negligence. 

The above limitations of liability do not apply in the event of loss of life, bodily injury or harm to health, nor where a product is found to be defective after its properties have been guaranteed, nor where any defects have been maliciously concealed. Any statutory product liability remains unaffected. 

HAWE shall not be held liable for any loss or damage resulting from negligent or intentionally improper operation, e.g. due to incorrect data input by users. 

8. Collection of data

By using these services, the user agrees to the collection, processing and use of technical and usage data by HAWE.  The collection and processing of personal data is carried out in accordance with our privacy policy ( and in compliance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

9. Place of jurisdiction

This agreement is subject to the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. Any legal disputes shall be brought before the competent courts of Munich. This agreement of the place of jurisdiction applies only to business dealings with business entities and not with respect to end consumers. 

10. Scope

Where any of the above terms of use fail to comply with legal requirements, this shall not affect the effectiveness of remaining contract. In particular any provisions invalid in dealings with end consumers shall remain applicable to business entities. Changes to the benefit of end consumers shall be subject to statutory provisions.