Product description

Hydraulic floor-lock systems use small cylinders in the feet of movable devices and systems to reliably stabilise them and fix them in place on a level surface. Fixed to moving mode is shifted at the press of a button or, with a control system, automatically. They hydraulically dampen dynamic loads and can keep a device perfectly levelled.

In our classic systems, the castors and jack cylinders are structurally separate from one another. In integrated systems, the cylinders are built into the jacking castors.

Features and advantages:
  • Ready-for-connection complete solution that takes up little space
  • Levelling on uneven surfaces
  • High stability
  • Relieves the castors when stationary
Intended applications:
  • Mobile medical equipment
  • Mobile assembly robots
  • Analysis devices in labs
  • Labelling machines
  • 3D printers

If you are interested in our solutions or have any questions, please contact us at sales-medical@hawe-microfluid.com

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