Double pump element type DMPE for radial piston pumps

Product description

The double pump element type DMPE® consists of a low pressure and a high pressure piston. When the low pressure limit is reached, an integrated valve switches the low pressure piston pressureless.

With pump elements and suitable drive components, multi-stage pumps can be designed that can be adapted to different requirements and space conditions. This allows integrated solutions to be realized for a fast feed in low pressure and a powerful working stroke in high pressure.

Features and advantages:
  • Individually available
  • Universally applicable
  • Integrated switching valve
  • Multilevel system possible
Intended applications:
  • All hydraulic pumps in two or more stages
  • Handheld-Tools e.g. hydraulic crimping pliers
  • Rescue equipment
Technical data - Type DMPE
Size-DesignManifold mountingSystem pressure700Displacement (ccm/rev)0.46DocumentDownloadsConfiguratorConfigurator
SizeDesignSystem pressureDisplacement (ccm/rev)DocumentConfigurator-Manifold mounting7000.46DownloadsConfigurator