Variable displacement axial piston pump type V80M

Product description

Variable displacement axial piston pumps operate according to the bent axis principle. They adjust the geometric output volume from maximum to zero. As a result they vary the flow rate that is provided to the loads.

The axial piston pump type V80M is designed for open circuits in mobile hydraulics and operate according to the swash plate principle. They are available with the option of a thru-shaft for operating additional hydraulic pumps in series.

The sturdy pump is particularly suitable for continuous operation in challenging applications. The range of pump controllers allows the axial piston pump to be used in a variety of applications.

Features and advantages:
  • High speed
  • High nominal pressure
  • Less installation space
  • Full torque available at the second pump in tandem pump applications
Intended applications:
  • Machines for forestry and agricultural purposes
  • Cranes and lifting equipment
  • Construction machines
Technical data - Type V80M - Axial piston pump
Size200DesignIndividual pumpSystem pressure400Peak pressure450Displacement (ccm/rev)202DocumentDownloadsConfiguratorConfigurator
SizeDesignSystem pressurePeak pressureDisplacement (ccm/rev)DocumentConfigurator200Individual pump400450202DownloadsConfigurator