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State-of-the-art safety solution for passenger restraint systems in rides

Attractions in adventure parks and events, such as roller coasters, robot simulators, water rides and VR rides have one thing in common: the safety of the passengers must be guaranteed at all times, without compromise.  This is ensured by hydraulic locking units that control the restraint bar. The latest generation of HAWE Micro Fluid's type HLU LE-X offers a highly flexible yet compact solution for this.

The type HLU LE-X is designed for highest loads. The fatigue load is 10,500 N. This is achieved in consistently very compact dimensions, which allows easy installation completely integrated into the seat housing. The manual emergency release can now be operated even more conveniently via a push-pull cable up to 3 m long. For use even in dusty or humid environments, the LE-X is already designed with protection class IP 65 and corrosion protection up to level C2 as standard. Optionally, the model is also available in IP 67 for the relevant components and corrosion protection up to level C4. Due to a selection of available accumulators and stroke lengths, a customer-specific configuration for different seat sizes and types from the modular system is possible.

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